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Did you know that small businesses make up 96% of all businesses currently trading in Australia and account for approximately half of all private sector employment in Australia! However, it is the 67% of small business that do not employ staff and are owner/operator businesses that I am targeting with today's message.

The reason I bring this statistic to your attention is to make you understand that, as a small business owner, you are not alone, although it may sometimes feel that way. Running your own small business often involves long hours spent alone at the coalface of your business, or at home or stuck in the office catching up on all the administrative requirements that running a small business entails. Delegating really isn't going to help you if you are running your business on your own and have no employees, hence you can often feel the weight of running a small business on your shoulders. We know this from firsthand experience as we often see it in our clients. Fear no more, hope is at hand and is easier and simpler to access than you may realise.

As a small business owner, it is important that you spend the bulk of your time on what makes you money. The rest of the business should be left to experts in their chosen field, such as marketing experts, accountants, HR consultants etc, etc. Now, I know that most small business owners are thinking that would be great if I could only afford to access their services without impacting negatively on my cash flow. I would ask you to see it from the opposite perspective, "won't enlisting these experts improve your business?" with the end result being enhanced cash flow. Not only that, aside from the advice and expertise that such outside service providers can bring, think of all the extra time you will have to focus on the actual product and services of your small business. Again wont this enhance your cash flow, not to mention allowing you to focus on the reasons for getting into business in the first instance???