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Small business time to review, improve and succeed

The recent passing of Steve Jobs came as a great shock, especially to those of us who have become accustomed to using his products on a daily basis in our small businesses. There can be little doubt that Jobs and his company Apple Inc. made the world a smaller place with the introduction of their iproducts. In turn the largest company in the world has created many opportunities for small businesses around the world. A classic example is the small team of software developers that created the Angry Birds game and in turn created millions of dollars in revenue.

I guess the lesson here is that the right idea, unleashed at the right time can create a successful business empire, if managed properly. 

Whilst Steve Jobs was a unique character that none of us should try to emulate, we should still do a good deal of self-analysis to determine our own strengths and weaknesses as human beings and especially as business owners. Then, from this analysis, look at our business and see how we can tailor our skills to maximise our businesses success. If there are areas where we are not as strong as our business needs us to be, then we have two options; either improve ourselves, perhaps with a business coach, or surround ourselves with individuals that can fill the holes for us.

At the end of the day, your small business is only going to be as good as the input that you and your employees have. Making sure that your team, however large or small it may be, is able to cover all aspects of your small business, is one of the keys to a dynamic and successful small business.