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How to protect your accounting side from cyber security threats, by small business accountants in Melbourne

With all of our data and processors in the accounting world going into the cloud, there has become a real cyber security threat for most businesses. That is why our small business accountants in Melbourne will tell you how to protect your accounting side from cyber threats.

Most business owners would not know the first thing when it comes to cyber security and protecting their business from hackers. Here’s how our business accountants in Melbourne believe you can protect your business:

• There are always evolving threats, so it is important for you to understand that you need to use evolving technology and security systems that are always changing
• Try to avoid allowing your workers to use their own devices for work purposes, it may be efficient but also imposes the risk of leaked information, knowledge and is another avenue for viruses/hackers
• Cloud security, it is one of the most important things for your business to undergo and it is essential for you to ensure two step verifications and when sharing information online with customers be cautious, as this opens a new port and avenue for threats
• Always have data control in operation, companies can reduce the damage of cyber security threats if they are in control of their own online data

If you are confused or need help with setting up your cloud accounting software or you’re looking for new software, be sure to check out Xero! It is the only trusted accounting software that our Melbourne small business accountants would recommend.

As always, feel free to contact our small business accountants in Melbourne, with any enquiries that you may have.