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On Monday of this week, Xero rolled out a number of fantastic improvements to their already rapidly growing, user-friendly cloud accounting service. As Xero accountants we are lucky to be constantly updated.

For our clients already on Xero and those who may be curious about Xero's benefits, let's take a look at some of the enhanced features released this week that will allow small business to have even greater control over their finances.

· When emailing invoices to clients, you can now create and customise email templates for particular clients or situations. By tailoring the content of your emails, it may well improve communications with your clients and see your accounts settled faster than before. Even a few days can see great improvements in your cash flow.
· Payment terms for customers can now be set to a fixed period for each customer rather than the need to manually type these dates in for each invoice. Once again, by clearly giving your clients an expected due date it lets them know exactly when you expect to be paid. Providing customers with this certainty can only improve matters.
· You now have the ability to add your social media links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + to enhance the relationship your customers have with you in the online world. Anyone who doesn't take the time to do this is costing themselves free online, social networking opportunities.
· New search features have also been added, saving you time as you navigate around Xero processing your accounts.
· Ever needed to send a remittance advice to a supplier to inform them of a payment you've just made. Well now you can directly email your supplier from Xero. Saving those annoying phone calls asking about stuff you've already done.

For more information about how teaming together with mas accountants as your Xero bookeepers can benefit your local small business in ways such as improving cash flow and minimising time spent collating and filing paperwork, why not give us a call.