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Small Business Accountant Melbourne on Productivity Improvement

We have all been there. The clock is ticking very slowly for us and we feel like we just simply do not have anymore energy to keep ourselves going or we are getting so easily distracted from our work. Ultimately, our productivity will then take a plunge and we are not getting as much output as we wish we did. Today, the accountants for small business in Melbourne CBD and Southbank area, m.a.s accountants are here to give you a few tips on improving your productivity at work.

Declutter your desk and keep it tidy. This may sound like a very simple thing that may not be related to productivity at all, but it definitely can impact your productivity. How exactly? A research from Harvard University has found that a clean desk helps you sticking to your task longer and a cluttered desk will only distract you from the task at hand.

Try to stay away from the devils of distraction, such as your mobile phone and your social media pages. They are always successful in sucking out all your attention and thus you will waste so much time before you even realise it. 

Finally, focus on high value activities, they are activities that you thoroughly enjoy and productive. These could be things that you personally enjoy to do to improve your skills or what you're exceptionally good at. You will get more done that way, as compared to you spending hours on tasks that you deem hard or slow.

Productivity is a habit, and if you start soem good habits now, your productivity will improve for the long term. You should also start some good habits with your small business accounting in Melbourne too! Should you ever need some help from a small business accountant in Melbourne, contact m.a.s now for immediate help!