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Our small business accountants in Sydney tell you about tax deductions you didn't know you could make

Most employers should have sent their employees their yearly payment summaries by now, with this, the ATO and our small business accountants in Sydney are excited to see all of the different types of claims people will be making.

The ATO released some of their favourite claims people have made and gotten away with due to it actually being for work. Our business accountant in Sydney will tell you about some tax claims you can make (but only if they are relevant to you and your employment):

• Sunscreen if you work outdoors
• Make-up that includes SPF 30 if you also work outdoors
• Handbags, briefcases and even backpacks
• Education
• Electricity and printer ink for people who take work home with them
• Work boots
• Subscriptions to different magazines or blogs that may be helping you with work
• Bricks – did you know that if you purchased and investment property, you can claim back 2.5% of that buildings worth for the bricks
• Dogs
• Car maintenance
• Mobile phones
• Laundry

The list goes on and on, but they are some of our favourite tax deductions that people have made and gotten away with. As small business accountants, it is our goal to ultimately help all of our clients to make the most of their tax returns. Even if you may have some obscure claims to make, don’t be scared to make them if you can back up the claim with facts!

As always, feel free to get in contact with our small business accountant in Sydney or you can check out our services here.