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Melbourne small business accountant launches Thx loyalty program

As Australia’s original accounting firm for small business, we have worked with thousands of small businesses in Melbourne and around Australia. In this time, we found that there is a dramatic lack of support for small business owners from their accountants and as a result this year we have introduced the Thx. Loyalty Program.

Thx. is an initiative that works on the basis that we are thankful for our clients and therefore would like to create a loyalty program that supports our gratefulness to the many clients we have worked with in the past and will continue to work with into the future.

Thx. provides benefits to our clients in regards to one-on-one support from our Senior Partners as well as benefits around the use of M.A.S Partners’ facilities. As small businesses, generally the use of spare offices, boardroom and presentation facilities comes at an extra cost. Not anymore.

Here at M.A.S Partners as your small business accountant in Melbourne, Thx. provides such amenities as a complimentary feature and benefit of working with Australia’s original accounting firm for small business. Our program is something that our clients are able to utilise to assist their business to build, grow and develop with their partner in business, M.A.S Partners.

So, if you feel you need to work with a small business accountant in Melbourne that supports you, wants you to grow and will work with you to achieve success, then speak with Australia’s original accounting firm for small business.