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Accounting for small businesses by small business accountant in Sydney

Running a small business isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to be really organised and stay on top of daily operations as well as all aspects of the business. Accounting could be a daunting task for many small business owners.

As the best accounting firm for Australian businesses, below are a few tips that might give you a little help.

For entrepreneurs, step one to accounting to is choose the right accountant or bookkeeper. Did you know in Australia you do not need to have any official form of accreditations or certifications to be a bookkeeper? But in order to be an accountant, you need to have specific accreditations or certifications!

To save cost, many small business owners rather do their accounts on their own, but have you thought about the amount of time you spend to rectify an error? You do what you do best, and the time spent on rectifying could be better spent on developing your business.

Never let your client get away without paying you. Set up a system to follow up with payments and make sure the money is in your bank account, not just the receivables column.

With over 55 years of accounting experience, we are a team of passionate small business accountants in Zetland, Sydney and in Docklands Melbourne. We understand that small business owners are busy, hence let us do your accounting. Our consultative approach will not only assist you in compliance but we want to help you grow with your business.

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