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Best Ways A Business Accountant Can Help You Apart from Your Taxes

Most people think that the job of an accountant is to handle the tedious tasks related to taxes. In fact, many people hire them for that very purpose. However, most fail to realise that a small business can benefit from an accountant in plenty of ways.

Any small business has multiple financial aspects to take care of. These aspects range from budgeting, payroll for staff, hiring and managing vendor-related economic affairs, handling and maintaining proper cash flow, etc.

It makes more sense to hire an accountant for your small business needs that can do more for you than just file your taxes on time. Especially when businesses are finally finding breathing space in this economy to grow, business owners should hire experienced accountants who know what your needs are. We present to you four different ways in which your accountant can help you, apart from doing your taxes and keeping track of the latest government tax reforms.

Competitor Analysis

An accountant is adept at doing market research for your business niche to a great extent. They can quickly figure out who your competitors are, what they are doing right, and what you should be doing to stay ahead of them.

Loan Handling

A good accountant will help you know if you need to apply for a loan for your business needs. Sometimes, a business needs a small stimulus for upgrading equipment, hiring more experienced employees, improving cash flow, etc. This can easily be taken care of by an accountant.

He can explain the pros and cons of applying for a loan and handle all the criteria needed to get a loan easily. Commercial business loans are hard to get, and this is where your accountant’s assistance can be extremely helpful.

Bookkeeping efficiency

Maintaining all transactional records, including why the transaction was made, sometimes seems like an unnecessary chore. But it is very crucial to understand your business’s spending, and efficient bookkeeping helps with that.

Your accountant makes sure that all your transactions, as well as the balance sheet and income statement, are maintained at regular intervals. Your accountant may also help you by introducing you to compatible software so that you can do it on your own as well.

Cost Reduction Assistance

Small businesses have a lot of weekly and monthly expenses. Some of them can easily be streamlined towards more revenue-generating areas, and in other cases, effective cost-cutting measures can help in budgeting finances better. An accountant can help you greatly in doing so.

For instance, if your business ends up spending more on maintaining a high buffer in its inventory reserve, an accountant can help by analysing how much buffer would suffice. This will help you in improving your company’s cash flow.

Consider M.A.S. for your small business accounting needs

An experienced accountant can help you achieve a lot more than just filing tax returns. Contact us now if you are looking for an experienced small business accountant in Sydney.


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