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the original accounting office for small business

The original accounting office for small business has been servicing Sydney and Melbourne small business accountancy needs for over 55 years.

Based in Melbourne and Sydney, with a dedicated team of experienced small business accountants, our accounting services are as broad as your business requires. Having worked with a variety of clients who all have different needs, from accounting basics to being their tax accountant, to payroll management, accounts payable and accounts receivable assistance, business accounting is our strength.

Our clients include doctors, dentists, construction companies, restaurants, investors, self-employed trades people, pharmacies, retail outlets, marketing advisors, architects, interior designers, solicitors and a whole lot more.

Beginning in 1961, we truly are original. Over 55 plus years, the needs of small business and their accounting requirements have changed dramatically and in this time, we've seen it all, with no small business request ever a surprise.

We know that your time is too valuable to spend working on your small business accounting. Leave the complex and time consuming work to m.a.s, your small business accountants.

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